Animal Control

Phone: (253) 830-5010

Lakewood has two full time Animal Control Officers providing response to incidents in the field as well as investigations in Lakewood, Steilacoom and DuPont. Recently, we entered into a contract with the City of Fife to provide transportation for animals from their jurisdiction to the Humane Society. One Officer is on call at all times after work hours to provide for an emergency response.

Lakewood Animal Control Officers are granted limited police commissions to enforce the laws in each of the respective jurisdictions above. The officers at times work with CSRT, Code Enforcement, and other city staff dealing with nuisance abatement.

Each Officer is assigned a fully equipped and well marked vehicle to assist them in their jobs and to clearly identify themselves to the citizens as they arrive. The vans contain traps and poles for humanely capturing animals, scanners that enable them to gather owner information from micro-chipped pets, blankets, and treats to make their contacts with animals as stress free as possible. The kennels inside the vans are cleaned and disinfected after every transport to reduce the spread of disease.

Officers respond to aggressive and dangerous dogs, injured animals, stray or lost animals. Additionally they handle barking dog complaints, dead animal removal, investigating reports of animal cruelty, kennel and pet shop inspections, and public education. They can answer questions about licensing your pet.

We work closely with the Tacoma-Pierce County Humane Society  , area veterinarians, and Animal Control Officers in surrounding jurisdictions on regional issues affecting pets and providing mutual aid in the case of large incidents. Lakewood Animal Control has been part of the planning process for the City of Lakewood in the event of a major catastrophe with regard to pets.

We have an Officer currently serving on the board of directors for the Washington Animal Control Officers Association (WACA)  and both Officers are members of the National Animal Control Association (NACA)  . Lakewood Animal Control is well respected within Washington State and stays current with national trends through local training and training opportunites through these associations.