Current Members

  • Sylvia Allen
  • J. Alan Billingsley
  • Susan Dellinger
  • Jason Gerwen
  • Heinz Haskins
  • Vito Iacobazzi
  • Anessa McClendon


Council Liason

  • Mayor Don Anderson


The Parks and Recreation Board provides policy recommendations to the Council and staff on a variety of park and recreation related issues. The PRAB meets monthly, typically on the fourth Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. If you wish to attend a PRAB meeting, please contact City Hall to confirm the next meeting date, time and location.

The role of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board is to:

  1. Advise the City Council and City staff or officials administering parks, regarding the general operation and development of all parks and recreation facilities and programs of Lakewood including long range park planning, needs assessment, program evaluation, acquisition, construction, development, concessions or privileges in parks and/or playgrounds, sports fields, recreation grounds, and/or other municipally owned recreation facilities, including community buildings and improvements to the same. The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board shall also work with neighborhood groups and ad-hoc committees to formulate recommendations to the City Council.
  2. The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board shall recommend rules and regulations for the government, management, operation, supervision and control of city parks and recreational facilities and programs.
  3. The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board shall advise the City Council in connection with parks and recreation issues as may be referred to the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board by the City Council which may include, but is not limited to, the following:
    1. Facilitate cooperation and coordination with City staff, citizens’ groups and other entities, agencies and organizations on parks and recreation issues;
    2. Recommend to the City Council strategies to enhance awareness of, and interest in, parks and recreation facilities and programs of the City, which may be in cooperation with any appropriate private, civic or public agency of the City, county, state or of the federal government;
    3. Recommend ways and means of obtaining private, local, county, state or federal funds for the promotion of parks and recreation programs and projects within the City; and
    4. Advise the City Council on acquisition of parks and recreation facilities and properties; and
    5. Represent the community and the City of Lakewood as requested by the City Council to address parks and recreation related issues.


(Click here  and scroll down to “Advisory Board Agendas and Minutes”)


Members shall be residents of the City unless the Council finds that appointment of a non-resident, by virtue of business involvement or expertise, will benefit the Committee and ultimately the City




Members are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council.


Individuals appointed are expected to attend meetings regularly. The Council expects to be informed in the event any Committee, Board or Commission member has three unexcused absences. The Council, may in the event of three unexcused absences, dismiss the individual from service.

Terms of Office

3 year terms.


Applications are available at City Hall.

For further information

Contact Parks and Recreation at (253) 589-2489.