CouncilGoals2016Adopted April 18, 2016

Lakewood is a thriving, urban, South Puget Sound City, possessing the core values of family, community, education and economic prosperity.  We will advance these values by recognizing our past, taking action in the present, and pursuing a dynamic future.

The City Council’s vision for Lakewood at its 30 Year Anniversary is a community:

  • Inspired by its own sense of history and progress;
  • Known for its safe and attractive neighborhoods, vibrant downtown, active arts and cultural communities;
  • Sustained by robust economic growth and job creation;
  • Recognized for the excellence of its public and private schools, and its community and technical colleges;
  • Characterized by the beauty of its lakes, parks and natural environment;
  • Acknowledged for excellence in the delivery of municipal services;
  • Leveraging and embracing of our diversity; and
  • Supportive of Joint Base Lewis McChord (JBLM), Camp Murray, service members and their families.


The purpose of the City Council Goals is to direct our community toward positive change and serve as the policy direction for City government as well as the policy guide for developing and implementing the City’s 2017-2018 biennial budget. Council goals guide the allocation of resources through the budget and capital improvement program to assure that organizational work plans and projects are developed that incrementally move the community toward the stated goals.

In addition to the Council goal statements, there are operational values that guide how the City organization works toward goal achievement:

  • Regional Partnerships – Lakewood encourages and participates in regional approaches to service delivery to the extent that a regional model produces efficiencies and cost savings, and ultimately improves service to our citizens.
  • Efficiency – Lakewood is committed to providing public services in the most efficient manner possible and maximizing the public’s return on their investment.
  • AccountabilityThe City of Lakewood is accountable to the community for the achievement of goals. To that end, meaningful performance measures will be developed for each goal area to track our progress toward the stated goals.
  • Proactive Focus – Lakewood proactively focuses on the total condition of the City and promotes long-term financial and strategic forecasting and planning.



The City of Lakewood maintains a strong fiscal position while providing quality municipal services.

Policy Objectives & Action Strategies:

  • Support a stronger, more prosperous community by making smart investments that accomplish lasting, tangible returns 
  • Adjust to changes in the service requirements of the community, maximizing resources and creating meaningful performance measures for programs and services
  • Focus on total financial picture of the City rather than single-issue areas and promote long-term financial forecasting in support of day-to-day operations
  • Continuously evaluate city revenues and expenditures with a view of maintaining a strong fiscal position while providing quality municipal services
  • Continuously perform organizational structure review for economic efficiencies and effectiveness, including contract services and vendors
  • Do not balance the operating budget with one-time monies and/or reserves; one-time monies should be used for one-time projects, not ongoing or reoccurring programs
  • Use performance measures and benchmark key community characteristics



The City of Lakewood is one of the safest cities in Washington State.

Policy Objectives & Action Strategies:

  • The City of Lakewood is safe
  • Residents and visitors will experience a sense of safety in all neighborhoods and in all activities in the City of Lakewood
  • Ensure adequate resources are available to maintain and ensure health, welfare, and safety of community
  • Enhance community safety through expanded public awareness and educational programs




The City of Lakewood supports a dynamic and robust local economy through implementation of an effective economic development strategy.

Policy Objectives & Action Strategies:

  • Lakewood will support a dynamic and robust local economy with balanced and sustainable growth by implementing an economic development strategy that will create jobs and improve the tax base in the community with a particular focus on the community’s commercial corridors
  • Provide leadership and strategic guidance concerning economic development, including coordination with various stakeholders
  • Create collaborative and effective working partnerships with the business community, and other key organizations to effectively manage the City’s regulatory environment while accomplishing economic development goals
  • Update and implement the Comprehensive Plan, Community Vision and key development regulations and other policies such as housing and capital facilities plan (CFP) in partnership with residents, neighborhoods and businesses 
  • Attract new housing development to accommodate military and all segments of population
  • Explore ways the City can effectively stimulate economic development with our economic partners to address community-wide economic development issues (e.g., assistance to existing businesses, business recognition, business retention and expansion strategies, business attraction strategies, community marketing)
  • Promote an attractive Lakewood image to include a positive message about doing business in the City and leverage existing competitive advantages such as location, access, military, lakes, parks, golf courses, civic and community involvement, transit options, and wide variety of retail, restaurant and cultural activities. 
  • Promote better access (e.g., I-5, Bridgeport, Gravelly Lake Dr, 100th, 108th) and increase visibility to Towne Center and other commercial centers  to take advantage of proximity to I-5 and six freeway exits 
  • If feasible, pursue annexation of selected areas within the City’s Urban Growth Area (UGA)




The City of Lakewood provides a safe, clean, and well-maintained community and provides preventative maintenance to avoid greater replacement costs.

Policy Objectives & Action Strategies:

  • Implement a capital improvement program that provides a safe, clean, and well-maintained community for the enjoyment of all residents and to provide preventive maintenance to avoid greater replacement costs
  • Identify, review and prioritize capital infrastructure projects for transportation and parks
  • Explore, identify and develop long-term funding strategies to maintain the City’s infrastructure assets (i.e., Transportation Benefit District, voter-approved initiative, grants, etc.)
  • Enhance curb appeal with ramp beautification, well maintained properties on major thoroughfares, right of way maintenance, and beautification plan for all entry points to the City
  • Develop and implement a vision for parks and public spaces to improve quality of life, ensure a healthy environment and attract residents




The City of Lakewood engages the community in City government to include providing timely and accurate information about City services as well as information about City actions and decisions.

Policy Objectives & Action Strategy:

  • Enhance and promote the community’s image – “#IamLakewood”
  • Develop and implement a coordinated communication and engagement plan that will better allow the City to share information about the good work the City is doing, as well as obtain feedback from those the City serves about community priorities and public services
  • Engage the community in City government to include providing timely and accurate information about City services and openly share information about City actions and decisions
  • Ensure transparency between the City as an organization and the community to encourage and promote citizen and civic engagement 
  • Actively participate in local and regional issues that impact the Lakewood community to include coordination and partnerships with military partners and educational institutions
  • Committed to developing and maintaining a professional, highly qualified, well-trained, and service-oriented City workforce that utilizes sound business practices rooted in accountability, ethical behavior, efficiency, technology, effectiveness, and responsiveness in the delivery of city services.
  • Promote the interests and needs of Lakewood in local, state, and national affairs
  • Support human services for the benefit of residents of all ages
  • Continue to promote and partner with various volunteer groups