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Communications Manager

nagcIn 2015, the City of Lakewood’s Communication Division won its first National Association of Government Communicators Blue Pencil & Gold Screen Award  for its #IamLakewood  community imaging campaign.

If you’re a follower of any of the City’s social media channels – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. – you might have seen the following on one of our many posts: #IamLakewood.


You might have wondered what the hashtag (that’s social media speak for a word or phrase that is preceded by a “#” symbol so it’s searchable) is all about. In a nutshell, #IamLakewood is about community pride. There are so many things about Lakewood that we can boast about. Rich history. Strong military connection. Culture and diversity. Gorgeous lakes. The list goes on and on. We know there are countless people who are proud to be associated with Lakewood. Let’s tell the social media world by using the #IamLakewood hastag.

You’re probably already doing things in Lakewood that are hashtag-worthy. You’ve taken pictures with friends from your neighborhood. You’ve snapped photos of food from your favorite Lakewood restaurants and shared them. You’ve shared a status update about shopping at your favorite Lakewood business or jogging at your favorite park. All you have to do is add the hashtag: #IamLakewood. For the City’s part, we’ve adopted the phrase as our unofficial motto. We are proud to work for you and provide you with outstanding customer service. We’re your ally.

That’s what #IamLakewood means to us.