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Leonard Yarberry, Interim Building Official

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Welcome to the City of Lakewood Building Division. As a part of the City’s Development Services, the Building Division works to ensure that the built environment of Lakewood is constructed and maintained in accordance with our adopted building codes and standards.

The Building Division reviews construction plans and inspects building projects to make sure they are built correctly. By regulating and controlling the design, workmanship, quality of materials, and other requirements of the International Building Codes and other construction codes, the Building Division safeguards health, property and the public’s welfare.

We continually strive to enhance our service so as to provide for the success of quality construction within the City. Our staff is dedicated to providing a facilitative approach in the review, permitting and inspection of residential and commercial projects.  If you are unable to find what you require on our website, please contact us at (253) 512-2261 or email


Electronic Plan Review Submittal Info & Requirements:

Mold: FAQ’s and Tips

NOTE: The City of Lakewood has no direct authority in regard to  dealing with mold or associated issues.  The pamphlets below are intended to provide general information only.

Landlord/Tenant Rights

NOTE:  The City of Lakewood has no direct authority in regard to dealing with tenant/landlord issues.  The pamphlet below is intended to provide general information only.