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The City of Lakewood requires all dogs and cats residing in the city over the age of 8 weeks to be licensed. All licenses (no matter what time of year initially purchased) expire on December 31st and must be renewed by February 28th each year. Renewal notices are sent out during January each year. Please review the following questions and answers for further details.

For all other information pertaining to animals, such as barking dogs, stray or lost animals and dangerous dogs, please visit Animal Control .


How do I obtain a first-time license for my pet(s)?

The City of Lakewood has contracted with PetData, Inc . to provide animal licensing services for the City.

The City of Lakewood has a link at for animal license applications and renewals. You may also call PetData at (866) 594-1283 for animal licensing questions, additional fees and information.

License documentation and fees should be mailed to:

City of Lakewood Animal Licensing
c/o PetData
PO Box 141929
Irving, TX 75014-1929

Please make checks payable to City of Lakewood.


How much will it cost to license my pet(s)?

Please refer to the fee schedule below.

Juvenile Dog or Cat (under 6 months of age)$4.00
Altered dog (proof required)$20.00
Altered cat (proof required)$12.00
Unaltered dog/cat$55.00
Senior Citizen Rates (must be 65 or older)
Altered dog (proof required)$10.00
Altered cat (proof required)$4.00
Unaltered dog/cat$30.00

Animals exempted from payment of fee: Guide Dog or Service Animal


Do I need to provide proof of spaying/neutering?

Yes. If your pet(s) are spayed/neutered, proof is required before you can pay the “altered” rate. If proof is not provided, the unaltered rate will be charged.


My pet lost his/her license tag. What can I do to replace it?

The City of Lakewood replaces lost tags at no charge. Simply contact the Finance/Budget Division (253) 512-2269, and let us know you need a replacement tag.

If you have any questions regarding Animal Licensing, please contact the Finance/Budget Division at (253) 512-2269.