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Effective Date
Term Date
Association of Washington Cities   Health care programHR(pdf 433 kB)
City of DuPont2016-02-172019-02-1728.00Animal control servicesLPD(pdf 330 kB)
City of Everett2011-09-01  Intergovernmental cooperative purchasing agreementLPD(pdf 312 kB)
City of Ferndale2011-08-30  Public Disclosure Request Software applicationLC(pdf 422 kB)
City of Tacoma 2014-06-300.00HOME Consortium AgreementCD(pdf 1 MB)
City of Toppenish2011-09-09 0.00Public Disclosure Request Tracking software applicationLC(pdf 422 kB)
City of Wapato2013-07-08 0.00Amendment to jail services 13 beds/$45 dayLPD(pdf 90 kB)
City of West Richland2011-08-30 0.00Public Disclosure Request Software applicationLC(pdf 420 kB)
City of Yakima2011-09-09 0.00Public Disclosure Request Tracking software applicationLC(pdf 451 kB)
Clover Park School District2011-09-082012-08-3160.25per hour – off duty police services (pdf 168 kB)
Clover Park School District2013-09-012014-08-310.002013 Fuel purchasesFI(pdf 95 kB)
Clover Park School District2011-01-012011-12-310.002011 fuel purchaseLPD(pdf 108 kB)
Clover Park School District2015-09-012016-06-300.002015 Fuel PurchasesFI(pdf 173 kB)
Clover Park School District2008-11-24 0.00Lake Louise Elem School creation of school park sitePR(pdf 707 kB)
Clover Park School District2012-09-012013-08-310.00Fuel purchasePW(pdf 100 kB)
Clover Park School District2011-09-012012-08-310.00Fuel purchasesLPD(pdf 94 kB)
Clover Park School District2010-09-012011-08-31 Purchasing of fuel (2010-11)LPD(pdf 100 kB)
Clover Park Technical College2007-01-302027-01-30101850.00McGavick Center LeaseEX(pdf 670 kB)
Fife, City of2008-01-01 0.00jail servicesLPD(pdf 409 kB)
Lakewood Water District2013-04-15 0.00Water main construction – Bridgeport Way – 83d to 75th StreetPublic Works(pdf 716 kB)
Pierce County2012-03-082012-12-3110000.00Chambers Clover Creek Watershed Small Grant Program ILAPW(pdf 117 kB)
Pierce County2012-12-312013-12-3147.00Amendment #16 Surface Water Management BillingPW(pdf 119 kB)
Pierce County2010-01-012011-12-3114.00Addendum 1 to Senior Center activityPR(pdf 106 kB)
Pierce County2011-01-012011-12-31150.00Ft. Steilacoom Park maintenancePR(pdf 572 kB)
Pierce County2011-12-312012-12-3145.00Amendment No. 15 Surface Water Management BillingPW(pdf 110 kB)
Pierce County2012-01-012014-12-31150000.00Ft. Steilacoom Park maintenancePR(pdf 391 kB)
Pierce County2015-12-312016-12-3151720.96Amendment 19 Surface Water Management BillingPW(pdf 2 MB)
Pierce County2011-09-06 55.00Tillicum Woodbrook sewer low flow agreementPW(pdf 2 MB)
Pierce County2008-08-012011-12-314865.00Radio Communications System UseLPD(pdf 224 kB)
Pierce County2011-01-012011-12-31110.00Radio maintenance communicationLPD(pdf 75 kB)
Pierce County and City of University Place2015-01-012017-03-310.00Chambers Creek Canyon TrailParks(pdf 383 kB)
Pierce County and Pierce County Cities and Towns2012-05-07 0.00Designating University Place as a Regional Growth CenterCD(pdf 264 kB)
Pierce County and Pierce County Cities and Towns2012-06-04 0.00Pierce County Countywide Planning Policies AmendmentCD(pdf 4 MB)
Pierce County Fire District 32012-04-23 77.00Emergency Management Services CoordinatorLPD(pdf 191 kB)
Pierce County Fire Protection 32013-01-012013-12-31400.00Fire marshal servicesCD(pdf 225 kB)
Pierce County Fire Protection District 22002-01-01 0.00Development Review of Uniform Fire CodeCD(pdf 263 kB)
Pierce County Fire Protection District 22006-07-07 0.00International Fire Code, Fire Marshal servicesCD(pdf 274 kB)
Pierce County Fire Protection District 22001-05-01 25000.00Enforcement of Uniform Fire Code (pdf 243 kB)
Pierce County Housing Authority2011-07-012012-06-3034.00Brookridge Apartments Sewer Design – FY 2011 CDBGCD(pdf 888 kB)
Pierce County Regional Council2012-05-07 0.00Designating University Place as a Regional Growth CenterCD(pdf 249 kB)
Pierce County Sheriff Department2005-10-012011-09-300.00MOU Domestic Violence Training
10/1/2005 – 9/30/2006
10/1/2008 – 9/30/2009
10/1/2010 – 9/30/2010
LPD(pdf 315 kB)
Pierce County Sheriff Department2010-12-012011-06-3016559.00WA Dept of Commerce Gang Violence Pass ThroughLPD(pdf 875 kB)
Pierce County, Cities of Tacoma, Puyallup, Fife, Gig Harbor, Dupont, and Sumner2009-11-24 0.00Zone B $1.00 per day/per room
Pierce County Tourism Promotion Area
ED(pdf 920 kB)
Pierce County, Cities of Tacoma, Puyallup, Fife, Gig Harbor, Dupont, and Sumner2011-05-25 0.00Tourism Promotion Area funds not to supplant existing fundsED(pdf 173 kB)
Pierce County, City of Tacoma, West-Pierce Fire2012-01-012012-12-310.00South Sound 911 Communication radio systemEX(pdf 501 kB)
Pierce County, Pierce Transit, City of Tacoma and Washingotn State Department of Transportation2001-01-01 0.00Bicycle Parking Grant for 2001CD(pdf 189 kB)
Pierce County, Tacoma, Fife, Lakewood, West Pierce Fire & Rescuea2012-10-03 0.00South Sound 911 CommunicationsEX(pdf 568 kB)
Spokane Regional Auto Identity Theft Task Force2010-06-02  2010 Cargo Mate Trailer and winch sharing WATPA grantLPD(pdf 235 kB)
Steilacoom, Town of2015-09-012016-12-31312.00Design of Steilacoom Blvd from Puyallup St to Phillips RdPW(pdf 448 kB)
Steilacoom, Town of2016-01-012020-12-31136264.00Court, prosecution and public defender servicesMC(pdf 392 kB)
Steilacoom, Town of2013-10-012023-12-310.00Prosecution, court and public defense servicesMC(pdf 233 kB)
Steilacoom, Town of2015-11-032018-11-0220.00Animal control servicesPD(pdf 353 kB)
Tacoma Pierce County Health Department2011-01-012011-12-317700.00Natural Yard Care WorkshopsPW(pdf 145 kB)
Tacoma Pierce County Health Department2011-01-012011-12-3110500.00Access to Care Dental OutreachPW(pdf 616 kB)
University Place2003-12-22 1.00Design of Bridgeport Way from Cirque Drive West to 59th Avenue SWPW(pdf 358 kB)
University Place, City of2011-01-012015-12-31225000.00Municipal Court ServicesCourt(pdf 345 kB)
University Place, City of Addendum 12011-01-012015-12-3155.00Addendum 1 Incustody TransportCourt(pdf 102 kB)
WA State Parks and Recreation Commission2010-07-012011-06-3018804.00Local Marine Law Enforcement Interlocal agreementLPD(pdf 195 kB)
Wapato, City of2010-01-012010-12-310.00Amendment to Jail Services (2010)LPD(pdf 94 kB)
Washingotn State Transportation Improvement Board2011-02-24 2.00TIB Grant for South Tacoma Way Impvments – SR 512 to 96th StPW(pdf 95 kB)
Washington Association of Sheriffs & Police Chiefs2011-02-012011-09-30500.00Mini grant for Motorcycle Safety Rally lapel pinsLPD(pdf 84 kB)
Washington Auto Theft Prevention Authority2011-07-012012-06-30 Pierce County Regional Auto Theft Unit Project Award Letters of Funding 11-GG-WATPA-002 – Pierce County Prosecuting AttorneyLPD(pdf 228 kB)
Washington Auto Theft Prevention Authority2011-07-012013-06-301.00Auto Theft Prevention Program GrantLPD(pdf 646 kB)
Washington Auto Theft Prevention Authority2011-07-012012-06-30 Pierce County Regional Auto Theft Unit Project Award Letters of Funding 11-GG-WATPA-002 with Pierce Transit, City of Puyallup, City of Tacoma, City of Fife, Pierce County SheriffLPD(pdf 1 MB)
Washington Department of General Administration2009-12-01 0.00Purchasing cooperative interlocalFinance(pdf 245 kB)
Washington Dept of Ecology2015-05-012016-05-31283.00National Pollutant Discharge Elimination Stormwater StudyPW(pdf 1 MB)
Washington Dept of General Administration2011-10-01  Amendment 1 – Purchasing Cooperative is hereby assigned to the Department of Enterprise ServicesFinance(pdf 73 kB)
Washington Dept of Social and Health Services2013-07-012015-06-3090.00Western State Hospital policingLPD(pdf 422 kB)
Washington State Department of Commerce2011-06-212014-03-08640000.00Neighborhood Stabilization Program (3)CD(pdf 2 MB)
Washington State Department of Enterprise Services2012-03-26 0.00Surplus Property ServicesFinance(pdf 123 kB)
Washington State Department of Revenue2011-01-01 0.00Collection of Natural Gas Use TaxFinance(pdf 250 kB)
Washington State Department of Social & Health Services2013-06-012015-06-30462.00Western State Hospital Community PartnershipLPD(pdf 529 kB)
Washington State Department of Social and Health Services2011-05-16  Housing of DSHS Child Protective Services at Police Station, 9401 Lakewood Dr. SWLPD(pdf 133 kB)
Washington State Department of Transportation2012-03-27 20000.00Dower Elementary Safe Routes to School Project Custer Rd to 78th St. SWPW(pdf 253 kB)
Washington State Department of Transportation2010-06-212011-06-301400.00($/month) Olympic Region Traffic Management Center Communication – Call Out After HoursPW(pdf 457 kB)
Washington State Department of Transportation2011-04-22 10.00150th Street and Murray Road IntersectionPW(pdf 135 kB)
Washington State Department of Transportation2011-06-24 15000.00Police AssistancePW(pdf 142 kB)
Washington State Dept of Social and Health Services2009-07-012011-06-3090.00Police ProtectionLPD(pdf 470 kB)
Washington State DSHS2011-07-012013-06-3090000.00Western State Hospital Police ServicesLPD(pdf 759 kB)
Washington State DSHS2011-07-012013-06-30462000.00Community Partnerships at Western State HospitalLPD(pdf 747 kB)
Washington State Health Care Authority2011-08-30 0.00Public Disclosure Request Tracking software applicationLC(pdf 1 MB)
Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission2011-07-012012-06-3028.00US Coast Guard Recreational Boating Safety GrantLPD(pdf 113 kB)
Washington State Patrol2011-01-012011-12-310.00WACIC and NCIC AccessMC(pdf 378 kB)
Washington State Transportation Improvement Board2011-02-16 3.00TIB Grant Bridgeport Way SW Impvements – 83rd to 75th StPW(pdf 94 kB)
Washington Traffic Safety Commission2011-10-012012-09-307055.00Impaired Driving and Seat Belts EmphasisLPD(pdf 275 kB)
West Pierce Fire and Rescue2016-01-012016-12-3129867.00Emergency Management Coordinator ServicesLPD(pdf 50 kB)
Western State Hospital2011-01-012011-12-3151.00Addendum 1 – Off duty police servicesLPD(pdf 67 kB)