Utility Providers

The City of Lakewood does not directly provide utility services. In order to arrange for services, change account information or otherwise contact utility providers, please choose from the links below.

Water and Sewer

Lakewood Water District   and the Pierce County Sewer Utility   provide water and sewer services within Lakewood.

Waste Connections  provides trash, recycling, and yard waste collection within Lakewood, as well as construction debris removal for commercial accounts. If using a different provider, the company must first pay an amount equivalent to a franchise fee to, and acquire a business license from, the City of Lakewood.

Gas/Electric Providers

Depending on where your property is located  , gas and electric services may be provided by one of three utilities:

Please note that these electrical utilities or their contractors also handle tree trimming where overhead electrical lines are impacted. If you have concerns, please contact the appropriate utility.

Cable, Internet and Phone services

Comcast  provices cable, internet, phone, and home security services in some portions of Lakewood, while Click!  provides cable and internet in other areas. CenturyLink  also provides phone, internet, cable, and home security services.

Call Before You Dig

Underground utility lines exist in many areas, and if you damage them by digging without marking their location first, you may be liable for the cost of repairs. Please contact the Utilities Underground Location Center for free marking before digging.