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General Info

IMPORTANT! – Your fine is due in FULL at the court by the due date.

If you need a payment plan, contact Court Payment Management Services (CPMS) (360) 748-4784 at least 2 weeks BEFORE the due date. Do not wait until the due date to take action.

Cash, check, money order, and debit/credit card are all accepted at the front counter Monday–Friday between 8:30am-4:00pm. Checks and money orders should be made payable to LAKEWOOD MUNICIPAL COURT and should include your case, infraction or notice number. A drop box is available outside the entrance to the court side of city hall. Do not put cash in the drop box. For checks or money orders placed in the drop box please follow up with the court 1 to 3 business days later to verify the payment was received and applied to your account.

Alternatively, you may contact Official Payments for telephone (800) 272-9829 or online payments . Our local jurisdiction code is 8002.A service fee will apply to any internet or telephone payment.

Be advised if you make payment via Official Payments, Court Payment Management Services, Signal Management Services, Dynamic Collectors, or AllianceOne Collections depending on your method of payment processing can take 2 – 10 business days before the court is notified plus an additional 2 business days before Department of Licensing is updated.


Short Term Payment Arrangements

You may be eligible for a time payment agreement. You can either submit your request in writing or come to the front counter during business hours. The written request for time payment must include your case/account number, full name, mailing address and phone number.  You are encouraged to follow up with the court within 7 business days to verify your time payment was set up.

Criminal cases, photo violations and non-traffic infractions are given 60-days to pay in full with the court or set up a time payment agreement with Court Payment Management Services (CPMS) (360) 748-4784.

Traffic infractions are given 30 days to pay in full with the court.  You may request an additional 60 day extension with the court – a $10 processing fee will apply and will be added to your account balance.


Long Term Payment Arrangements

If you do not have any active accounts with Signal Management Services, you may set up an account with Court Payment Management Services (CPMS) (360) 748-4784. Send the CPMS application along with your first month’s payment and a $15 processing fee to CPMS at least 2 weeks before your due date.

If you have an existing account with Signal Management Services, you can add a new case or infraction by contacting them at (253) 620-2239.



If your account was sent to collections, you will need to contact the court to verify which agency has the account.

Alliance One can be reached at (800) 456-8838. If your driving license is suspended for unpaid fines ask if you qualify for the PIA program.

Dynamic Collectors can be reached at (800) 464-3457. If your driving license is suspended for unpaid fines ask if you qualify for a relicensing program.


For current Signal Management & Alliance One clients

If you have an active account with Signal Management and/or Alliance One you can now make online payments. Choose either Visa or Master Card logo on the first page and you will then be taken to the payment page. The Account Number requested is your Signal Management/Alliance One account number, NOT your court case number. Pin Code choices are XP=Alliance One or XR=Signal. If you have any problems call (800) 456-8838.