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Program Manager

The ongoing success of the South Sound Military & Communities Partnership (SSMCP) is reliant on the efforts by our members and staff to advocate and implement issues identified and prioritized by SSMCP leadership.   

The tasks below reflect the short- and mid-term SSMCP priorities for 2016 and 2017:

1. Implement the 2015 JBLM JLUS recommendations-JLUS implementation began in 2016. SSMCP assists lo-cal jurisdictions in integrating the study’s land use rec-ommendations.

2. Develop a path to resolve McChord Airfield Clear Zone Encroachment-Obtain funds for CZ property appraisals and collabo-rate with JBLM to identify an acceptable method to re-solve encroachment.

3. Monitor & Support Transportation Improvement Efforts in JBLM Corridor-$495M of 2015 WA Transportation Package dedicated to JBLM I-5 Corridor. Seek $3M to study anticipated I-5 traffic congestion between exits 116 & 93.

4. Enhance & Expand Regional SSMCP Coordination & Participation-SSMCP collaborates with regional partners to inform and facilitate integration of military-support activities.

5. Educate stakeholders on military impacts across the South Puget Sound-SSMCP promotes military related economic and busi-ness development initiatives with legislators, regional planning bodies, & local jurisdictions.

6. Participate and Advocate in State Level Activities-SSMCP participates in the state-level Washington Mili-tary Alliance as well as advocates for regional needs to legislative bodies.

7. Conduct Periodic JBLM Community Survey, Circulate Results-2016 survey gathers data from communities and busi-nesses surrounding JBLM, with a focus on economic impact and perceptions of military.

8. Support Active Duty, Veteran & Military Family Workforce Development, Healthcare, & Social Services-Social Services and Healthcare working groups facilitate communication between military and civilian service providers

2016 SSMCP Deliverables:

–    Increase SSMCP Membership 
–    New Mid and Long-Term Funding Sources
–    JBLM JLUS Implementation Oversight Committee (JIOC) and Action Plan; completion of short term strategies 
–    2016 JBLM Active Duty Service Member Needs & Preferences Survey Results
–    Active Working Groups’ events and work products
–    Updated JBLM Coordination Plan reflecting recommendations from current Working Groups
–    SSMCP Position Statements, State and Federal agendas
–    Six SSMCP electronic newsletters, up-to-date SSMCP website and facebook page
– campaign in collaboration with JBLM PAO

Testimony/comment letters/presentations as appropriate