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I want to apply for a business license

Businesses located or doing business in Lakewood must obtain a local business license prior to commencing operations. Start by obtaining a state business license and Unified Business Identifier (UBI) number from the state Department of Revenue. Depending on your business, you may also need a professional or specialty license, also available from the state. After you’ve taken care of that, download and fill out the Lakewood business license application. Most applications contain fillable forms that can be filled in on-line. For more information, visit the Business Licensing page .


I want to learn about the City of Lakewood’s Municipal Code

The City of Lakewood’s Municipal Code is available online .


I want to get information on Building Permit Applications, Inspection Requests and Code and Design

As a part of the City’s Development Services, the Building Division works to ensure that the built environment of Lakewood is constructed and maintained in accordance with adopted building codes and standards. The Building Division reviews construction plans and inspects building projects to make sure they are built correctly. By regulating and controlling the design, workmanship, quality of materials, and other requirements of the International Building Codes and other construction codes, the Building Division safeguards health, property and the public’s welfare. For more information, visit the Building Division page .


I want to get information on Planning and Zoning

Working to enhance the community’s quality of life, promote the development of economic vitality and diversity, mitigate the sometimes adverse impacts of development, and promote cost-effective delivery of public services, current planning is primarily responsible for reviewing land development applications within Lakewood. These can vary from everyday projects such as single-family development, short plats, and tenant improvements to more complex projects such as subdivisions, conditional use permits, and master plans for “campus” type facilities. For more information, visit the Planning/Zoning page .


I want to request an Inspection

You can fill out an inspection request form online .


I want to get information on Development Services

Development Services is responsible for overseeing the City’s codes, ordinances and associated permit processes that relate to development that occurs within the City, including Planning/Zoning, Building and Inspections. For more information, visit the Development Services page .


I want to join the local Chamber of Commerce

Start by visiting the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce’s website or calling (253) 582-9400. The Lakewood Chamber of Commerce is a nonprofit membership-based organization of over 500 businesses that is vitally concerned about the economic future of the Lakewood area.


I want to file a claim for damages

If you have been injured or your property has been damaged and you believe the City of Lakewood may have a responsibility to you, a  Claim for Damages form is required to be completed in order the City to determine its level of responsibility, if any, to the claimant. This form may be requested by calling City Hall at (253) 983-7849, in person at Lakewood City Hall 6000 Main Street SW, Lakewood, WA  98499 or by following the link below:

Claim for Damages Form